How to install Kali Linux

What you need:

  • Kali Linux disk image (.ova file)
  • Virtualbox Hypervisor
  • Patience

How you get there:

First, as any good cyberhero would (I’m assuming you want to be a hero here, so bear with me) we need to gather our tools… AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!

We need two tools:

  1. The VirtualBox Hypervisor
  2. Kali Linux disk image (for VirtualBox)

To download the VirtualBox Hypervisor we need to go to and download the installer for your Operating System. (Windows OS = “windows hosts”, MacOS = “OSX Hosts”, etc..)

Once downloaded, you will be prompted to install VirtualBox. Go through the installer, leaving everything as default (unless you have a reason to change anything), and complete the installation. Great! Now it is time to move on to part 2, installing Kali!

Go to and grab the Kali Linux VirtualBox image and download it (make sure to remember where you downloaded it!). Next, open VirtualBox, then click File -> Import Virtual Appliance. On the Import Virtual Appliance screen click the tan file folder with the green arrow, and navigate to where you saved your Kali Linux VirtualBox image. Click Next. For now, leave the default settings and click import.

Congratulations! After the importing process finishes you will have completed your first Kali install!