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Letter to the Reader

Hello, my name is Noah Caldwell, and I am the founder of Tech Talks By Noah. I am excited to share with you my knowledge of the fields of Cybersecurity and Finance. I created Tech Talks By Noah to document this knowledge in an easy-to-understand format that anyone can grasp.

I like to think of my content as a translator that breaks down complex concepts and industry jargon to help others build up their knowledge. Many times, I have scoured the web for hours trying to find an explanation of a concept and have had to piece together concepts from different resources so that I can grasp them. One of the reasons I founded Tech Talks By Noah was so that I can aggregate all this knowledge in one place, and then use it to help others.

The content on Tech Talks By Noah will cover explanations of network security, computer networking, web3, and cloud computing concepts; finance and risk management concepts; and cybersecurity certifications, education, and careers.

My hope for you is that you glean valuable information from my content, can further yourself, and pass the gift of knowledge to others.

Thank you for reading,

Noah Caldwell – Founder

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